Dr. Suzanne Page Steps Up Again for Palm Beach County School Board, Championing Common Sense Education

Palm Beach County, FL – May 9, 2024 – Dr. Suzanne Page, renowned advocate for common sense in education, has officially announced her candidacy for District 5 of the Palm Beach County School Board. This marks a significant return since her influential 2020 campaign, which dramatically shook the previously uncontested seats.

After years of unchallenged elections, the current board faces a robust challenge from Dr. Page, who has fearlessly declared her intentions to overhaul the failing educational policies. “It’s time to turn the page back to common sense education,” states Dr. Page, as she calls upon the community to support a platform focused on fundamental learning and real-world readiness.

Dr. Page’s commitment remains unwavering to the core stakeholders of education: parents, students, teachers, and principals. Her approach cuts through the political noise, directly addressing the needs of the community with policies that emphasize practical skills and educational integrity. “Our children deserve an education that prepares them for the future, not one that gets bogged down in bureaucracy and outdated mandates,” Dr. Page asserts.

In 2020, Dr. Page’s bold run garnered significant attention, exposing the complacency within the current board. This year, with the board fielding multiple candidates against her, it is clear they recognize the profound impact of her educational vision. The community has taken note as well, with growing support from parents and educators who demand better for their children.

Dr. Page encourages all community members to stand with her as she fights for transparency, accountability, and excellence in Palm Beach County schools. “Together, we can restore trust and quality to our educational system. I am here to fight for our children, and with your support, we will succeed,” says Dr. Page.

For more information about Dr. Suzanne Page and to join her campaign, please visit VoteSuzannePage.com.

About Dr. Suzanne Page:

Dr. Suzanne Page is a dedicated educator and advocate for common sense educational reforms. Her previous campaign in 2020 was a significant turning point for educational advocacy in Palm Beach County, bringing critical issues to the forefront. Dr. Page is committed to serving the community and ensuring that our schools empower every child to succeed.

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