“I seek to bring about significant change in the Palm Beach County School System. I see the pressing need to fix a system. Sadly, it oppresses the children it should nurture and educate. I aim to reform education. It should empower students and create an inclusive environment. It should set them up for lifelong success.”


The school system poses too many challenges for students.

The Challenge: Is an Oppressive School System

The current school system in Palm Beach County poses many challenges for students. Many children are left behind. This is due to limited resources, old teaching methods, and a lack of holistic support. This environment stifles their potential, hindering their growth and future prospects.

The Solution:

Dr. Suzanne Page’s “Educational Reform”. I plan to bring a fresh perspective to the educational landscape of Palm Beach County. I know a lot about economics. I will introduce a comprehensive educational reform. That will fix the system’s flaws and help students to thrive.

Key Points:

  1. We will use new teaching methods and curriculum. They will cater to different learning styles. They will ensure no child is left behind.

  2. Investing in updated resources, technology, and infrastructure to create a stimulating learning environment.
  3. We will prioritize students’ mental health. We will do this by adding age-appropriate programs. The programs will provide counseling and support.
  4. I will form partnerships with local businesses. They will offer vocational training and career guidance. This will prepare students for the workforce.

The Plan: Five Steps Toward Educational Transformation

My educational reform plan comprises five essential steps that will revolutionize Palm Beach County’s school system and set a new standard for excellence.

Elementary school serves as the cornerstone of education, where we should instill confidence, self-reliance, and, most importantly, a rock-solid foundation in reading, writing, arithmetic, and patriotism. We aim to restore safety within our schools with good family values in the curriculum, providing a well-rounded education that prepares our children for a successful future.

In K through 5, we must take off all the labels and treat children as children ready to learn, that in order to pass on to the next higher grade, the children must understand that they must meet certain benchmarks or they won’t move-on.

In middle school, we will not just patch up the cracks in the foundation; we will enhance and reinforce the strong elementary concept we’re building on. We will put up walls of support for an enriching environment that develop well-rounded individuals who are educated, unbiased and active citizens capable of critical thinking.

Our children will be empowered to confidently be themselves, make informed decisions, and contribute positively to our civil society. Our goal is for our children to be better than us.

By reinforcing the foundation laid in elementary school, we can empower our children to make informed decisions and start thinking how they can contribute positively to society.

In high school, our students will have the opportunity to explore their passions and make choices for their future. We will equip them with the necessary skills to excel in their chosen path while still prioritizing, and building on the fundamentals they learned in earlier stages.

To achieve this vision, we must overcome the challenges we face, such as schools pushing divisive ideologies and neglecting the core education our children need and safety concerns in our schools. All of this calls for practical solutions that involve all stakeholders.

It’s time to turn the page back to common sense education. The plan is an inclusive solution that addresses community issues, specific challenges and creates equal opportunities for all students.

Empowering teachers is crucial for student success, and investing in their training, salaries, and professional growth can lead to better education. This is especially important in reading, as students who struggle with reading may struggle academically and drop out.

Teachers need to feel valued and supported, and investing in professional growth, curriculum development, coaching, and mentorship can help foster this need.

The question arises whether increasing spending (more than 5.2 BILLION) on K-12 education is better than focusing on efficiency.

Government-controlled schools often struggle with inefficiencies and ineffectiveness, leading to a lack of trust and accountability. To build trust and foster accountability, transparent measures will be implemented to measure progress and communicate outcomes.

Technological improvements are crucial, as parents need access to their children’s classes. By the time a child finishes third grade, they must read at least on the third grade level. Schools should prioritize smarter spending and identify the root cause of problems, such as inability to read and understand. Parents have the right to know how their tax dollars are spent.

The Solution

My Vision for Educational Reform is as Bold as it is Necessary

I am not only on a mission to reclaim our children’s education from a failing, misguided system. I am also a passionate advocate for our children and their education. The Palm Beach County School Board has failed. But, by working together, we can reset its foundations for a brighter, stronger future.

My Mission

I have a doctorate in economics. I am passionate about empowering students. I want to revolutionize the school system. I aim to end the cycle of oppression and give every child a chance to excel.

I aim to create an inclusive and supportive educational environment. This will equip students for a bright and successful future. I will do this through collaboration, strategic resource use, and by empowering teachers.

My Vision for Educational Reform is as Bold as it is Necessary

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